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Our voiceover studios in London have been designed and purpose built as voice recording and audio post production facilities with all the latest equipment on Mac based systems. Our team can help you choose your voiceover artists, create sound design, compose music and with a multitude of sound effects and music libraries ready to choose from creating the perfect mix for your production.

We can then deliver broadcast-ready mixes for commercials, films, documentaries, TV-series, radio, trailers, animations, video games, ADR, IVRs and much more in any format direct to your e-mail ready for download immediately after the session. All in the comfort of our 5 Studio facilities across 2 sites in the centre of London’s Soho and Fitzrovia.

Arnason 1

Arnason 1 has a large hospitality area for clients, with plenty of natural daylight. There is an open area in front of the studio for up to 6 guests to discuss ADR. A spacious vocal booth with a high ceiling provides enough room for group ADR, round the table interviews, and multi-actor radio drama productions.

Avid S6M10 with Mac Pro – Protools (12) and 2 x HDX
Genelec 7.1.4 Atmos monitor system comprising of 8351, 8330 & 8320 & 7370 Sub (provides 5.1 / 7.1 and Atmos pre-mixes and mixes)
Genelec audio management system
DAD XA32 – 7 analogue inputs
Full HD Monitoring Via AJA video IO in both studio and in the booth
U87 Microphones (multi-mic setups – tbc at booking)
Cue Lighting
Vivitek DU4671Z-WH Laser Projector & 3.5m Electric Screen

Studio 2

Studio 2 has a large spacious studio with natural daylight, enough room to hold 4–5 clients in the studio and a vocal booth large enough to hold up to 6 adults for round the table interviews, ADR or radio drama productions. This studio has wheelchair access. Available for recordings, 5.1 and LT RT mixing for broadcast, large project track laying and pre-mixing.

Avid S3 with Avid S3 Dock and Colin Broad TMC-1 monitoring control.
Protools 12 – HDX via Avid Omni
Avid X-Mon
Yamaha 5.1 surround monitoring system
Full HD Monitoring via AJA video IO in both studio and booth
Cue lighting
U87 Microphone*

Studio 3

Studio 3 offers a large recording space with room for 4-5 adults in the main studio, and 4-5 adults in the booth. Ideal studio for round the table recordings and voice over plus narration – perfect for sound to picture projects.

Avid Protools 12
Mac Pro
Yamaha stereo audio monitoring
Universal Audio mic Pre Amps
Yamaha O1V96 mixing desk
U87 Microphone*
Cue lighting

Did we mention we make great coffee over here too!

Studio 4

Studio 4 has ample space for an engineer and two clients in the studio, with one artist in the booth. This studio is ideal for solo voice recording and for creating voiceover showreels.

Pro Logic 9 / Protools 12 (tbc)
Mac Pro
Yamaha stereo audio monitoring
U87 Microphone*
Mackie Big Knob

Berwick Street

Ideal for up to 4 people in the studio and a maximum of 3 people in the booth. This is the perfect space for voice recording, small multi-mic recordings and ADR, as well as sound to picture projects and stereo audio mix sessions.

Protools 12
Mac Pro
Yamaha O2R Mix Desk
Genelec stereo audio monitoring
TLA Audio Analogue mic pre-amps
U87 Microphone*

Studio Tec Information

All studios have Skype, Conference Call, Source Connect and ISDN connectivity.

Multi-mic sessions: Mics types will need to be organised per session and are subject to availability.

All studios are capable of R-128 broadcast quality audio mixing.

Plug – ins include:
iZotope RX4
iZotope Insight
Waves Gold

Delivery Formats

Mono/Stereo/5.1 Surround 24 Bit 48Khz WAV/AIFF, Broadcast WAVE | OMF/AAF (multitrack audio + SMPTE data)

All MP3 formats, including AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC & OGG | We can lay the sound-mix to your Quicktime film and deliver an MP4 or MOV

µlaw 2:1, Alaw 2:1, PCM, Vox (For IVRs or Interactive Voice Recognition)

Voiceover Studios

32 Berwick Street, London, W1F 8RL
33 Tottenham Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 4RR