Voiceover Studios


Our voiceover studios in London have been designed and purpose built as voice recording and audio post production facilities.

We can then deliver broadcast-ready mixes for commercials, films, documentaries, TV-series, radio, trailers, animations, video games, ADR, IVRs and much more in any format direct to your e-mail ready for download immediately after the session.

All in the comfort of our 5 Studio facilities across 2 sites in the centre of London’s Soho and Fitzrovia.

  • Create sound design
  • Compose music
  • Multitude of sound effects and music libraries
  • Our team can help you choose voiceover artists


Arnason 1: Is our signature studio with a large hospitality area for up to 8 clients, lots of natural daylight, full Dolby Atmos Mastering System, Genelec 8351 Monitoring, a Cinema Screen (3.5m x 2m) with total black-out, a spacious vocal booth with a high ceiling and room for a large group, a crowd ADR space for 12-15 artists or round table podcasts.


  • Avid S6M10 with Mac Pro - Protools (12) and HDX
  • Genelec monitor system comprising of 8351, 8330 & 8320 & 7370 Sub (provides 5.1 / 7.1 and Atmos pre-mixes and mixes)
  • Genelec audio management system
  • DAD XA32 - 8 analogue inputs
  • Full HD Monitoring Via AJA video IO in both studio and in the booth
  • U87 Microphones (multi-mic setups - tbc at booking)
  • Cue Lighting

Studio 2: Offers a large spacious studio with natural daylight, enough room for up to 5 clients, a large vocal booth for up to 4 artists, round table or ADR recording. Available for Voice-over recording, 5.1 and LT RT mixing for broadcast, track laying and pre-mixing. Studio 2 has full wheelchair access.


  • Avid S3 with Avid S3 Dock and Colin Broad TMC-1 monitoring control.
  • Protools 12 - HDX via Avid Omni
  • Avid X-Mon
  • Yamaha 5.1 surround monitoring system
  • Full HD Monitoring via AJA video IO in both studio and booth
  • Cue lighting
  • U87 Microphone*

Studio 3: Offers a large vocal booth with room for up to 5 artists and a control room with space for up to 5 clients. Ideal for voice-over to picture projects or round table recordings, ISDN and stereo mixing for online or broadcast.


  • Avid Protools 12
  • Mac Pro
  • Yamaha stereo audio monitoring
  • Universal Audio mic Pre Amps
  • Yamaha O1V96 mixing desk
  • U87 Microphone
  • Cue lighting

Studio 4: Offers ample space for 2 clients and an engineer in the control room. This studio is ideal for solo voice-over recording, ISDN recording and for the creation of voiceover showreels.

  • Pro Logic 9 / Protools 12 (tbc)
  • Mac Pro
  • Yamaha stereo audio monitoring
  • U87 Microphone*
  • Mackie Big Knob

Berwick St: Offers space for up to 4 clients in the control room and up to 3 artists in the vocal booth. The perfect space for voiceover recording to picture, ADR, small multi-mic recordings and stereo mixing for online or broadcast.


  • Protools 12
  • Mac Pro
  • Yamaha O2R Mix Desk
  • Genelec stereo audio monitoring
  • TLA Audio Analogue mic pre-amps
  • U87 Microphone*
  • Latest Mac based systems
  • All studios (will) have Skype, Conference Call, Source Connect and ISDN connectivity.
  • Multi-mic sessions: Mics types will need to be organised per session and are subject to availability.
  • All studios are capable of R-128 broadcast quality audio mixing.
  • Plug – ins include: iZotope RX4, iZotope Insight, Waves Gold.
  • V/AIFF, Broadcast WAVE | OMF/AAF (multitrack audio + SMPTE data)
  • All MP3 formats, including AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC & OGG | We can lay the sound-mix to your Quicktime film and deliver an MP4 or MOV
  • µlaw 2:1, Alaw 2:1, PCM, Vox (For IVRs or Interactive Voice Recognition)