VOSOHO - About
Voiceover Soho is a sound design and audio post-production studio in the beating heart of London.



Our voiceover studios in London have been designed and purpose built as voice recording and audio post production facilities.

We can then deliver broadcast-ready mixes for commercials, films, documentaries, TV-series, radio, trailers, animations, video games, ADR, IVRs and much more in any format direct to your e-mail ready for download immediately after the session.

All in the comfort of our 5 Studio facilities across 2 sites in the centre of London’s Soho and Fitzrovia.

  • Create sound design
  • Compose music
  • Multitude of sound effects and music libraries
  • Our team can help you choose voiceover artists


Arnason 1: Is our signature studio with a large hospitality area for up to 8 clients, lots of natural daylight, full Dolby Atmos Mastering System, Genelec 8351 Monitoring, a Cinema Screen (3.5m x 2m) with total black-out, a spacious vocal booth with a high ceiling and room for a large group, a crowd ADR space for 12-15 artists or round table podcasts.


  • Avid S6M10 with Mac Pro - Protools (12) and HDX
  • Genelec monitor system comprising of 8351, 8330 & 8320 & 7370 Sub (provides 5.1 / 7.1 and Atmos pre-mixes and mixes)
  • Genelec audio management system
  • DAD XA32 - 8 analogue inputs
  • Full HD Monitoring Via AJA video IO in both studio and in the booth
  • U87 Microphones (multi-mic setups - tbc at booking)
  • Cue Lighting

Studio 2: Offers a large spacious studio with natural daylight, enough room for up to 5 clients, a large vocal booth for up to 4 artists, round table or ADR recording. Available for Voice-over recording, 5.1 and LT RT mixing for broadcast, track laying and pre-mixing. Studio 2 has full wheelchair access.


  • Avid S3 with Avid S3 Dock and Colin Broad TMC-1 monitoring control.
  • Protools 12 - HDX via Avid Omni
  • Avid X-Mon
  • Yamaha 5.1 surround monitoring system
  • Full HD Monitoring via AJA video IO in both studio and booth
  • Cue lighting
  • U87 Microphone*

Studio 3: Offers a large vocal booth with room for up to 5 artists and a control room with space for up to 5 clients. Ideal for voice-over to picture projects or round table recordings, ISDN and stereo mixing for online or broadcast.


  • Avid Protools 12
  • Mac Pro
  • Yamaha stereo audio monitoring
  • Universal Audio mic Pre Amps
  • Yamaha O1V96 mixing desk
  • U87 Microphone
  • Cue lighting

Studio 4: Offers ample space for 2 clients and an engineer in the control room. This studio is ideal for solo voice-over recording, ISDN recording and for the creation of voiceover showreels.

  • Pro Logic 9 / Protools 12 (tbc)
  • Mac Pro
  • Yamaha stereo audio monitoring
  • U87 Microphone*
  • Mackie Big Knob

Berwick St: Offers space for up to 4 clients in the control room and up to 3 artists in the vocal booth. The perfect space for voiceover recording to picture, ADR, small multi-mic recordings and stereo mixing for online or broadcast.


  • Protools 12
  • Mac Pro
  • Yamaha O2R Mix Desk
  • Genelec stereo audio monitoring
  • TLA Audio Analogue mic pre-amps
  • U87 Microphone*
  • Latest Mac based systems
  • All studios (will) have Skype, Conference Call, Source Connect and ISDN connectivity.
  • Multi-mic sessions: Mics types will need to be organised per session and are subject to availability.
  • All studios are capable of R-128 broadcast quality audio mixing.
  • Plug – ins include: iZotope RX4, iZotope Insight, Waves Gold.
  • V/AIFF, Broadcast WAVE | OMF/AAF (multitrack audio + SMPTE data)
  • All MP3 formats, including AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC & OGG | We can lay the sound-mix to your Quicktime film and deliver an MP4 or MOV
  • µlaw 2:1, Alaw 2:1, PCM, Vox (For IVRs or Interactive Voice Recognition)



When it comes to voiceovers, our expert engineers will take care of everything, short of getting in the booth themselves (although they have been known). We’ll help you choose the right voice, provide direction, edit, mix and master your finished recording, ready for broadcast in any media.

We’re trusted by TV channels such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and some of the UK’s most respected advertising agencies including BBH, AMV, Grey London, Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather. 

And since we’re dropping names, we might as well mention we’ve been lucky enough to work with an incredible rollcall of artists; from Stephen Fry, Bob Geldof and Sir Ian McKellen to Idris Elba, John Hurt and Emma Thompson.

How it works

Get in touch to chat through your requirements and we’ll provide you with the right studio and schedule for your production.

If you need a voiceover artist, we’ll find you the perfect one to fit both your project and your pocket. If you can’t attend the session yourself, we’ll set up a connection so you can join remotely. And when the recording is complete our engineers will weave your preferred takes into one smooth edit. What’s more, if you need additional music or sound design, we’ll sort that out too.

  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Business 2 business
  • Localisation in over 30 languages
  • Video games
  • Audiobooks
  • e-Learning
  • Narration
  • Dubbing
  • Training
  • Self-help
  • How to films
  • Art gallery guides
  • Phone systems (IVRs)
  • Audio dialogue replacement (ADR)
  • Public announcements (voice of god)
  • By ISDN, source connect, Skype, phone patch, conference call

Voice Reels


Find your voice with Voiceover Soho.

A voice-reel suited to your voice and needs is critical to showcase your abilities and essential for any agent and voice-over casting.

Every voice is unique and needs to be considered individually to highlight particular talents and abilities, throughout the entire range of voice-over work from commercials to documentaries, corporate to television, radio to online media and much, much more.

click a speaker below for voice-reel examples

  • Omri Rose
  • Robert Pereno
  • Fiona Rene
  • Felix Viney
  • Trish Bertram
  • Tim Hayward
  • Thomas Arnold
  • Jay Foreman
  • JC Bateman
  • Helen Austin
  • Brian Hanford
  • Lucy Drive
  • Colin Mace
  • Aislinn De’Ath
  • Dominic Burke
  • Claire Cartwright
  • Josh Cass
  • Daphne Sherman
  • Roger Barclay
  • Stella Gonet
  • Les Gibson (Impersonator)
  • Vanessa Barrett
  • Nick Brimble



(£249.17 + VAT)

  • 90-minute consultation and script session, including tailored scripts written especially for the individual artist.
  • 90-minute recording session with an experienced voice-over director
  • 90-minute production mix & mastering session with innovative music and sound design.
  • 10 scripts recorded and mixed with music and sound effects.
  • A 2-minute commercial mix for websites such as Spotlight, Voices Pro, CCP and other casting websites.
  • Your voice-reel in full quality WAV and MP3 files.



(£165.83 + VAT)

  • We’ll send you a selection of scripts to choose from, direct you, record you and you’ll have a voice reel ready to pull in the clients in just two hours.
  • Original scripts provided before the recording session.
  • 60-minute recording session with an experienced voice-over director in a professional voiceover studio.
  • 60-minute production, mix & mastering session with innovative music and sound design.
  • 6 scripts mixed with music & sound effects ready to be sent to clients as soon as you leave the studio.



(£82.50 + VAT)

  • We’ll send you a selection of scripts to choose from, direct you, record you and you’ll have a basic voice-reel ready in just an hour. The beauty is that you can come back and build on it, adding work as and when you like, without the cost of a full reel.
  • Original scripts provided before the recording session.
  • 30-minute recording session with an experienced voice-over director in a professional voiceover studio.
  • 30-minute production, mix & mastering session with innovative music and sound design.
  • 3 scripts mixed with music & sound effects ready to be sent to clients as soon as you leave the studio.



(£290.83 + VAT)

  • 90-minute consultation and script session – PLEASE NOTE we recommend you fully prepare a minimum of 15 characters and scenarios prior to this session.
  • 90-minute recording session with an experienced voice-over director.
  • 180-minute edit, production mix & mastering session with innovative music and sound design.
  • The best characters, scenes and lines are chosen and carefully edited to create a quickfire reel.
  • Your voice-reel in full quality WAV and MP3 files


Voiceover Soho - Omri Rose

“The measure of a good voice reel is that it books jobs and with Voiceover Soho I got a great one. There’s no other way to look at it, quality equals results and I cannot recommend these guys enough.”
– Omri Rose

"Voiceover Soho got me where I am – from recording video games to commercials!!! They knew what scripts would fit best for my voice and the studio is cosy and comfortable! Couldn’t be more grateful!”
– Fiona Rene

"Even established voiceovers need shaking up occasionally and my voice reel definitely needed freshening up! So, having worked with Peter and Teitur many times in my career, I had no hesitation in placing myself in their hands. They have a real understanding of what material suits which voices and the whole experience was easy and productive. All in all, they did me proud.”
– Trish Bertram

"Great experience. Nice, professional and helpful. Down to earth. You really knew what my voice would sound best doing, and you had plenty of material for me to choose from. And pretty soon after, the work began to come in. I really owe you guys a lot!”
– Thomas Arnold

“I feel extremely lucky to have stumbled across Voiceover Soho. I did their Voice Reel Starter package, was given a wide assortment of quality scripts to choose from beforehand, then sat in a sound booth and was superbly directed by a fellow called Teitur, who then mixed my takes together to music, at lightning speed. The files were in my inbox before I’d left the studio. I’m extremely pleased with the high-quality result and would utterly recommend them. My expectations were high and they completely exceeded them.”
– Dominic Burke

“The guys worked with me to pick out what works best for my voice and how best to capture what I can bring to the studio on a showreel. They compiled pieces that not only suited my natural tone and intonation, but also pieces that showed the different sides of what I can do as a voice artist and my strongest vocal styles, pace, and delivery. What makes the whole process so great, is the guys know exactly how to capture the perfect window frame of your voice within your showreel.”
– Brian Hanford

“I had my voice reel created at Voiceover Soho. The people there really helped identify the strengths in my voice and chose my pieces accordingly.”
– Colin Mace

“You will not find a more relaxed, friendly and professional setting to record your voice reel. I love Voiceover Soho!”
– JC Bateman

Additional Services



We provide creative casting, pre-production, experienced voice direction and vitally, interaction between actors to give gamers an experience that’s truly next level.


If you need something ‘different’, like a giant, scaly, horned beast then we can create it for you in glorious surround sound. Go on, we like a challenge.


That’s Additional Dialogue Recording, if you’re lucky enough not to be well-versed in technical jargon. If it was too noisy on set, you need a different performance or new dialogue from your actor then we’ll come to your rescue.


For many projects, music is the magic ingredient. We can either compose something to your specific requirements, or if your budget is tight, we can offer an extensive library of license free, ready to use music.


With our ISDN capabilities you can connect directly with studios around the world and tap into a global pool of vocal talent.

About us


Voiceover Soho is a sound design and audio post-production studio in the beating heart of London.

With three decades of experience, we’re trusted by some of the UK’s biggest advertising agencies, TV channels, and major film studios to get their audio pitch perfect. From voiceovers and sound design to music composition and broadcast mixing, our friendly team of sonic stylists will take care of everything. All while you kick back in our comfy studios with a locally sourced, soya flat white (that might just be the ad agency types).

Our History


Peter Morris set up his first recording studio at 32 Berwick Street in 1997. As a recording artist at the time, Peter knew his way around a mixing desk and, together with his co-director, Mieko Shimizu, soon branched out into composing music and sound design for film, TV, theatre and commercials. A few years later, Peter and Mieko started recording voiceovers as well – and, just like that, Voiceover Soho was born.

Since those early days, Voiceover Soho has grown from strength to strength, attracting a talented team of engineers, bookings staff and financial bods. And in 2017, we moved into newer, bigger premises at 33 Tottenham Street, adding more studios and even more friendly faces.

Today, along with our original studio in Berwick Street, Voiceover Soho has earned a reputation as one of the most sought after audio facilities in London.

Peter morris



Not only do we offer the best rates in London, but we like to think our production values are great too. If you need music or complete audio post production, get in touch and we will draw up a quote in a jiffy.

Rates are excluding VAT and all sessions include an Audio Engineer

Studio 2, 3, 4 & Berwick St

Wild Voice-Over Recording£89.00 p/h (Day rate: £645.00)
Voice-Over Recording To Picture£109.00 p/h (Day rate: £795.00)
Source Connect Voice-Over Recording£109.00 p/h
ADR Recording
+ 60min setup charge
 £139.00 p/h
Stereo Mix / Sound Design / Restoration£119.00 p/h
5.1 Surround Mix£119.00 p/h
ISDN Voice-Over Recording
(Plus £50 connection fee and call charges at £0.39/min, if applicable)
£129.00 p/h


Wild Voice-Over Recording £119.00p/h (Day rate: £845.00)
Voiceover recording to picture £139.00p/h (Day rate: £995.00)
Source Connect Voice-Over Recording £139.00p/h
Stereo Mix / Sound Design / Restoration £149.00p/h (Day rate: £1,095.00)
ISDN Voice-Over Recording (Plus £50 connection fee and call charges at £0.39/min, if applicable) £159.00p/h
Dolby Atmos Mix 7.1.4 £189.00p/h (Day rate: £1,395.00)
ADR Recording + 60min setup charge £169.00p/h (Day rate: £1,295.00)
Crowd ADR Half day: £695.00 Full Day: £1,195.00

Evenings (from 6pm) / Weekends + £20.00 p/h / x 1.5 of above rates

Day rates are based on an 8 hour booking

If Editing is needed outside the booked studio time an extra charge will occur based on the hourly rates above.

Printing required for the session is charged at £0.25 + vat per sheet.


File Transfers

Uploads (FTP / Download Link) up to 500MB/over 500MB£10.00/£20.00
Downloads (FTP / Download Link) over 5GB£20.00


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5 fully equipped Voice Over and Audio Post Production Studios on 2 different sites in  London’s Soho and Fitzrovia.

Berwick Street Studio:

32 Berwick Street

Arnason 1, Studio 2, 3 & 4:

33 Tottenham Street

E-mail: hello@voiceoversoho.co.uk
Tel:+44 (0) 20 7437 3202
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7287 5589

Skype ID: voiceoversoho
Twitter: @voiceoversoho
Facebook: Join us here

Opening Times:

Monday – Friday     9.00am  to  6.00pm
Saturday – Sunday     Closed