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Using Professional Voiceover To Improve New Media
Professional voiceover has never been more important, as audiences demand high quality from digital media such as e-learning videos, apps
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finding voiceover work
Finding voiceover work
You’ve sent out your voice reel to everyone in town and haven’t had a bite – but don’t let that
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Taking direction as a voiceover artist
One of the most important qualities you can have as a voiceover artist is an ability to take direction. Here
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Why your video marketing should use professional voiceover
There are a number of reasons why your business should be using video marketing, including better conversion rates, good ROI,
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Taking care of your voice
As a voiceover artist, taking care of your voice is essential to your work, and with the winter months upon us,
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Top Tips For Directing Voiceover Artists
So, you’ve written the script, chosen your voiceover artist and you’re ready to get into the voice recording studio. But
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